You can easily transfer calls from the Live Manager application to another user on the account, an outside number, or your attached cell phone number. Follow the guide below to learn how to do all three!

First, Select the transfer button on the active call in Live Manager:

A pop-up will appear which gives you the option (from left to right) to transfer to a user, outside number, or your cell phone.

The first icon allows you to Transfer to another user:

Select the person icon, it will then prompt you to enter a user. You can search by name or extension number. 

You can also drag and drop to transfer the call:

Select the call you would like and drag it down to the user/extension you would like to transfer too.

If you select the person icon, it will transfer to that user's extension. If you select the hard drive icon, it will transfer to that user's voicemail box.

If you would like to transfer to an outside number, select the phone icon:

It will then prompt you to enter in the outside number:

Select "Go" and it will transfer the call out.

If you would like to transfer the call from your FluentStream phone to your cell phone, select the mobile phone icon:

This will automatically transfer the call out to the cell phone number attached to the extension. If you are unsure if the cell phone is attached to your extension follow the directions below:

1. Log into

2. If you are an Admin, go to Portal view. If you are a Cloud user, skip this step.

3. Go to "User Settings"

4. Enter your cell phone number in the Primary Cell Phone Number field. 

5. Select "Update Settings" and you are good to go! 

If you need assistance, please contact FluentStream Support at 303-GO-CLOUD, or 303-462-5683 (opt 2).