Feature Codes are present telephone key combinations that can be used to easily toggle between a multitude of call settings! First, let's review already built in feature codes and explain some of the most common applications used with feature codes.

How to Use Feature Codes

Before you being creating your own feature codes, here is a quick rundown of the one's already built into the system!

Already in dialplan, no need to add:

*97 - Check Voicemail (directly on extension. May also be *85)

*98 - Check Voicemail (check a mailbox from another extension)

Applications to use with Feature Codes: 

Agent Login - dynamic agent log in

Agent Logout - dynamic agent log out

Agent Pause - dynamic agent pause

Agent Un-Pause - dynamic agent un-pause

Auto Attendant - send call to auto attendant

Barge - listen to extension and talk to both sides of call

Call Flow - send call to call flow

Call Forwarding - forward the call

Call Group - send call to call group

Change Caller ID - change external caller id

Directory - send call to automated directory

Extension - send call directly to extension

External Agent Login - dynamic agent external log in

Listen - listen to an extension

Page - sends call with an auto-answer, intercom style

Page Group - sends call with auto-answer to group of extensions, intercom style. *Please contact FluentStream Support, at 303-GO-CLOUD to set up page groups.

Private Whisper - talk to extension

Queue - send call to queue

Receptionist Dial - checks the state of the extension called and provides double ringback if the destination is busy. Saves time for receptionist.

Play Recording - sends call to a recording, then hangs up call.

Set Global: Day/Night/Temp Mode - set mode for all managed routes on the account

Set Extension Call Forwarding - set extension to forward all direct calls

Spell String - Reads letters of given string

Toggle Global: Day/Night Mode - toggles all managed routes on the account between day/night

Toggle: Match CallerID

Toggle Specific: Day/Night Mode 

Transfer Link - 

Voicemail Box - sends call to voicemail, to leave a message

Voicemail Menu - sends call to voicemail menu with mailbox number and password

Whisper - listen to an extension, talk to the FluentStream side of the call 

How to Create Feature Codes

To create or edit a feature code in my.fluentcloud.com, go to "Features"-->"Feature Codes"


Select "Create New"


Here you can create the specifications of the feature code:


1. Code - The number you would like to enact the Feature Code. If your account uses 3 digit extensions, then your feature code cannot exceed 2 digits. If you use 4 digit extensions, the feature code cannot exceed 3 digits. 

2. Application - The application you would like attached to the Feature Code. 

3. Value - Depending on the application, you can further define it with Value. For example, the "Call Forwarding" application can have the "Value" be a phone number. 

4. Save/Delete - The thumbs up icon will save, the trash icons will delete. 

 If you have any questions or are unsure how to use Feature Codes, please call our support team at 303-GO-CLOUD opt 2. (303-462-5683 opt 2)