You can now sync up your Amazon Echo and Alexa device with the FluentStream system and seamlessly place calls, check your voicemail, and set up call forwarding by simply directing Alexa to do so!

First, you will want to download the Alexa app and add FluentStream as a skill on your Alexa device. As soon as that is set, you are ready to start using Alexa with your phone system!

Once it is added it should look like this:

In order for Alexa to register the command properly, you must mention “FluentStream” in the phrase you are saying:

'Alexa, use FluentStream to play my voicemails'

'Alexa, use FluentStream to dial 720-123-1234'

'Alexa, ask FluentStream for my call forwarding status'

'Alexa, tell FluentStream disable call forwarding'

We also have some other basic phrasing below. Remember to include "FluentStream" in your phrase:

Cell Relay (route a call to your cellphone, but call out from FluentStream)

Call {Number}

Dial {Number}

Get Call Forwarding Status

My Call Forwarding status

Change Call Forwarding Status

Turn On Call Forwarding

Enable Call Forwarding

Turn Off Call Forwarding

Disable Call Forwarding

Call Report for today

Call Report of {Month} {Day} {Year}

Summary of {Month} {Day} {Year}

Get number of New Voicemails

Check My Voicemails

Playback Voicemails

Play My Voicemails

Read Voicemail Transcriptions

Read My Voicemail Transcriptions

You can also:

Ask what all Alexa can do

help menu -

To navigate your voicemails while using Alexa:

When a voicemail is finished playing to the end, Alexa will prompt you with options and you can just the words listed below. Outside of the voicemail message box playing, you will need to say "Alexa, tell FluentStream to Repeat" to properly use Alexa. 





Start Over

Now you are ready to use Alexa and FluentStream together!