You can now integrate your FluentStream and Telegram service to seamlessly use features directly associated with your user!

First, associate your existing Telegram ID with your FluentStream extension:

Associate Telegram ID to FluentStream Account

1. Go to your "User Settings" in

2. In the Telegram ID field, enter in your telegram username with the "@" symbol in front.

3. Click "Update Settings" to save your changes

Once you have attached the Telegram ID to your FluentStream account, you will want to subscribe to the FluentStream Bot so you can manage features from any Telegram app!

Subscribe to the FluentStreamBot

You can do this in any version of the app, the examples below were completed on an IPhone:

1. Open your Telegram Application, in the "Chats" page, search for FluentStream Technologies or @FluentStreamBot

2. Once you locate @FluentStreamBot in the search, select it, and "Start" the bot. 

3. Once you are subscribed to @FluentStreamBot, you can enter /help into the chat, which will bring up a list of features you can now manage using the app:

To enact the feature, you can either enter the command or click from within the chat!

/forwarding - Status of your forwarding (either on/off)

/forwardingOn - turns call forwarding on

/forwardingOff - turns call forwarding off 

This is determined by your "Call Management" settings in the User Portal.

/agent - Displays current status of Agent

/agentLogin - Agent Login

/agentLogout - Agent Logout

/agentPause - Agent Pause

/agentUnpause - Agent Unpause

/voicemail - Displays 10 most recent voicemails in the inbox. If you select a voicemail you can hear the recording from withing the Telegram chat.