Now that you have created your Meet URL you are ready to begin using FluentCloud Meetings! If you haven't done that yet, this document will walk you through the setup. 

To get started, click the URL link to connect directly to the FluentCloud Meeting, or go to and enter in the Meet URL name. The meeting will automatically boot up and register your default camera and mic on your computer. The first person to join with automatically become the Moderator of the Meeting. If the Moderator leaves, the Meeting will auto assign a new Moderator at random. 

First, Let's get familiar with the icons!


1. Set Your Display Name - You can set your name and email here

2. Open/Close Contact List - You can view who currently is in the FluentCloud Meetings

3. Open/Close Chat - Displays the Chat feature

4. Lock/Unlock Room - Allows a Moderator to password lock the room

5. Share a YouTube Video - Allows you to share an embedded YouTube video. 

6. SIP Call/Dial into your Conference Bridge - Allows you to dial into your Conference Room to bridge FluentCloud Meetings and your conference room calls. 

7. Settings - You can set your language, camera, microphone, and audio output settings here. The Moderator can choose overall audio settings for entry and exit of the room.

8. Raise Hand to Speak - Notifies the moderator that you'd like to speak/share something via a yellow hand icon in your video box.

9. Enter/Exit Full Screen - Allows you to enter or exit full screen.

10. Show/Hide Videos - will show or hide the video boxes of the FluentMeetings participants. 

Now that you are comfortable with icons, let's discuss how you can manage participants:


At the bottom right of the screen, you will be able to see the participants in the meeting. If you are the Moderator, just hover over the up arrow to Mute or Kick Out a participant.


How to Screen Cast using FluentCloud Meetings

FluentCloud Meetings allows you to screencast with other participants in the meeting. To enable the ability to screen cast you must first download the FluentCloud Meetings Presenter extension for Google Chrome. 

1. Go to the Chrome Web Store 

2. Search for FluentCloud Meetings Presenter, or click this link

3. Add the extension to Chrome:

Select "Add Extension"

Now you are ready to screen cast your monitor in FluentCloud Meetings.

4. Start or Join your FluentCloud Meeting via your URL

5. To share your screen, select the monitor icon at the top center of the meeting screen

6. Upon initiation, you can select which tab or monitor is being shared. Once selected that will be the screen that is shared with the group. You will see this displayed on the shared screen:

You can stop sharing or hide that bar from here. You can also end sharing by selecting the monitor icon again.

7. You will be able to see the screens being cast on the participant bar below. The blue square around the user will indicate that is the screen you are viewing. You are only able to control what your meeting view looks like. Any screen cast initiate will be available to other users, even if the Moderator is viewing a different screen.

You can easily just click another participants box to load up their screen cast:

To stop the screen cast, either select "Stop Sharing" on the shared screen, click the monitor icon, or exit the FluentCloud Meeting.


If you need assistance, please contact FluentStream Support at 303-GO-CLOUD, or 303-462-5683 (opt 2).