This portion of the FluentCloud for O365 application introduces intuitive SMS functionality with real-time alerts for your direct phone number. 

The SMS Enabled Numbers displayed here, are only phone numbers that a) have been SMS enabled by FluentStream and are b) assigned directly to the extension in use on FluentCloud for O365. 

Please contact the support team at or 303-GO-CLOUD, option 2 for any questions. 


To access the SMS portion of the app, click the message icon .


1. Quick Messaging 


  • Click the Show Quick Message Icon. 
  • Select the SMS enabled number you want to send the message from. 
  • Enter the number you want to send the message to. 
  • Enter the message in the "New Message" space. 
  • Hit send when complete. 


2. Messaging with History 

For a list of your previous conversations, stay on the main SMS page. You will have a list of phone numbers with previous conversations. Click on any of them to expand and view the full history. You may compose a message at the bottom of this view. 


3. Incoming Notifications 


Pop Up with SMS content - 


Icon Tally - 

If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact us at or 303-GO-CLOUD, option 2.