Extension Preparation


Create a new Extension for your FluentCloud for Office 365 in the FluentCloud Web Portal. Please note that you must have system administrative privileges in order to create a new Extension.

  • Go To Settings\Extensions, in the My FluentCloud Web Portal - my.fluentcloud.com
  • Hit the “Create New” button and fill out the general information on the User Settings tab (extension #, name etc.)
  • Under the Voicemail tab, you can assign it a new Voicemail box using the default “Same” option, or select your existing Voicemail box to share with your existing extension (recommended).
  • On the User Device tab, select “FluentStream” as the manufacturer, and “FluentCloud WebPhone” as the model.
  • Hit Save and ensure you do not get any errors. If you happen to get a notice that you have hit your extension limit, contact support@fluentstream.com to let us know.


Login Preparation


The FluentCloud for Office 365 utilizes your existing login to my.fluentcloud.com for registration purposes. While you do not need the Web Portal open to use the FluentCloud for Office 365, you do need to make sure your login is connected to the correct extension for it to work properly.

  • Go to Settings\User Management in the my.fluentcloud.com portal
  • Select your username, and assign your newly created FluentCloud for Office 365 extension to your username.
  • You may also create a new login if you would like to keep your existing login attached to your original extension.

If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact us at support@fluentstream.com or 303-GO-CLOUD, option 2.