A majority of Yealink phones support multicast paging, allowing you to broadcast a message to all phones within a single LAN subnet.  They also have several common page adapter multicast addresses programmed in to allow for multicast servers to send audio to the phones.

This is currently a manual setup on the phone you wish to send audio from.  By default, all Yealink phones already listen for the multicast pages.

Setup via Web Interface:

  • Obtain the IP address of your phone by pressing the OK button while the phone is on the idle screen with no notifications.
  • Enter the IP address into a web browser, and login to the phone (login credentials can be obtained from support).
  • Navigate to the DSS Keys tab.
  • For the key you wish to configure, set the following values:
    • Type: Multicast Paging (Newer firmware revisions have changed the name to just "Paging") 
    • Value:
      • To send only to devices on the same physical network switch - Value:
    • Label: {desired label on screen}
    • Line: N\A
    • Extension: N\A
Setup via the physical phone:

  • Long Press the desired Line Key (DSS Key) to configure
  • Set the follow values via the keypad:
    • Type: Key Event
    • Key Type: Multicast Paging
    • Label: {desired label on screen}
    • Value:
      • To send only to devices on the same physical network switch - Value:
    • Channel: 0 (where available to set)
  • Press Save to confirm changes.

Once setup, pressing the Multicast Key will being the page audio.  Receiving phones will provide a notification beep, and begin playing audio right away.  Phones that are on a current call will not be interrupted by the page audio, but will get an incoming page notification similar to call waiting.

As Yealink uses a common standard for multicast, many other multicast capable devices are compatible with some configuration of the multicast address.  Unfortunately, this does not include Polycom phones, as they implement a proprietary multicast standard to manage groups.