Webhooks from within Notification Workflows allow FluentStream customers to integrate specific actions with their own custom built APIs. They also allow for integration between your FluentCloud phone system and web services such as Zapier.

In order to set up integration between your FluentCloud phone system and Zapier, you first need to follow the guide listed here to set up the desired notification workflow.

You will need to set up a new app which is will allow an incoming webhook as the trigger.

Navigate to https://zapier.com/app/editor and scroll down to BUILT-IN-APPS and select "webhooks":



Select "Catch Hook" and click continue. 




Setting up a Child Key is not required for integration with FluentCloud so click continue.


Take note of the URL provided, you will enter this on Notifications Workflows on my.fluentcloud.com


Follow the basic layout below for the information sent via the webhook to the Zapier API. Zapier does not limit what "key":"value" pairs you include. 

(The variables listed below are what is currently allowed for an incoming call notifications. At this time, only incoming call notifications allow for variables in the webhook settings)


    "From Name":"[[CallerIDName]]",

    "From Number":"[[CallerIDNum]]",

    "To Number":"[[ToNum]]",



You now have a working integration between Zapier and your FluentStream phone service!