Hey, we like seeing everything in blue over here at FluentStream but it might not be everyone's color. 

You now have the ability to set a color scheme per user login. If you're an administrator on the account, don't worry - you can still choose pink for your portal and the blue will stay for everyone else. Unless they want the pink too, of course. 

In order to make the change, login as either an administrator or a cloud user. If you're an administrator, click on the Portal Tab and select the user's portal you wish to change. 

Click on "User Settings". Toggle "Custom Portal Scheme" to "Custom" and pick from the variety of colors we have to offer. 

"Update Settings", refresh your browser, and watch the portal pop in a whole new color. 

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact the support team at 303-GO-CLOUD, option 2 or email us anytime at support@fluentstream.com.