Default Username/Password

Username: admin

Password: 1234

How to Enable Pinging

Configuration (2-Gears icon) > Settings > WWW

  1. Enable WAN access

How to Enable QOS

Configuration > QoS

  1. Select Enable QoS

Note - If this stock QoS is not working then the next option is to enable bandwidth management.

How to Enable Bandwidth Management

Configuration > Management > Bandwidth Management > Advanced:

  1. Change the Upstream and Downstream limits to be around 200 Kbps less than the speeds that you get from a speed test.

    1. We recommend for acurate speed tests.

  2. Make sure the VoIP category is set to High Priority

  3. Make a rule and select the edit button on the right of the rule to go to the rule configuration.

    1. Depending on the size of the office will determine the size of the minimum bandwidth. It’s generally a good idea to give 100 Kbps for each phone in the office.

    2. Destination port should be set to 5060 for standard SIP traffic

    3. Protocol should be set to both.

  4. Select apply

How to Enable/Disable SIP ALG

Configuration (2-Gears icon) > Network > ALG:

  1. Uncheck Enable SIP ALG.

  2. Uncheck Enable SIP Transformations.

  3. Uncheck Enable Configure SIP Inactivity Timeout.

  4. Restrict Peer to Peer Signaling Connection: Uncheck.

  5. Restrict Peer to Peer Media Connnection: Uncheck.

  6. Click Apply.

Note - To use Bandwidth Management for VoIP traffic, SIP ALG must be enabled

Any other known issues/preferred configurations w/ VoIP service

SIP ALG enabled by default