Default Username/Password

Username: admin

Password: password

Standard QoS configuration

Disable SPI Firewall - Leave this option unchecked

Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection - Unchecked

Disable Flood Protection - Unchecked

Disable UDP, TCP, or SYN Flood Protection - Unchecked

NAT Filtering - Set it to Secure


QoS for a MAC Address

To create a QoS policy for traffic from a specific MAC address:

From the main menu, under Advanced, select QoS Setup. The QoS Setup screen displays, as shown in Figure 5-6.

Click Add Priority Rule.

From the Priority Category list, select MAC Address. The QoS - Priority Rules screen changes:


If the device to be prioritized appears in the MAC Device List, select it. The information from the MAC Device List is used to populate the policy name, MAC Address, and Device Name fields. If the device does not appear in the MAC Device List, click Refresh. If it still does not appear, you must complete these fields manually.

From the Priority drop-down list, select the priority that this device's traffic should receive relative to other applications and traffic when accessing the Internet. The options are Low, Normal, High, and Highest.

Click Apply to save this rule to the QoS Policy list and return to the QoS Setup screen.

In the QoS Setup screen, select the Turn Internet Access QoS On check box.

Click Apply.

Make sure to configure the correct ISP speeds as well for optimal performance.

How to Enable/Disable SIP ALG

WAN Setup > Disable SIP ALG (Check Box - Disable)

Any other known issues/preferred configurations w/ VoIP service

SIP ALG enabled by default and may require a firmware update to disable.

Some models cannot disable SIP ALG.

May be incompatible with Polycom phones due to DNS timeouts. ( possible owrkaround by adjusting DNS servers provided by DHCP)

Most models do not allow for ping traffic.