Other AirStation models should have similar configurations. 

Default Username/Password

Username: admin

Password: password

Standard QoS configuration

MAC address based Priority


Log into the Web Interface

Select the NAT/QoS tab and then the QoS sub-tab.

Click "Enable"

Set Port to "WAN".

Select HTB as your packet scheduler if you have "queuing discipline" listed below it, if not then use HFSC.

Select FQ_CODEL as your queuing discipline.

Set your download and upload speeds. You can use a speed test like Speedtest.net to check your actual connection speed. Some ISPs also provide their own bandwidth testing service, which may be more reliable than the links provided. Enter no higher than 95% of the values you measured into the proper fields. After you have everything set run the speed test again. If you get near 90% of your previous measurement in each direction then things are cool. If you get results which are way off then chances are that you have reversed these values. You must enter a value for the uplink field but if you want you can enter 0 for the downlink field in which case no QoS will occur in that direction, setting your downlink field to 0 isn't recommended.

Prioritizing by MAC Address

In the case you want to prioritize traffic from a particular device without a static IP address on your LAN, you can prioritize by MAC Address. Enter the MAC Address of the device and press "Add" next to it.

Priorities explained

Maximum - This class offers maximum priority and should be used sparingly.

Premium - Second highest bandwidth class, by default handshaking and ICMP packets fall into this class. Most VoIP and video services will function good in this class if Express is insufficient.

Express - The Express class is for interactive applications that require bandwidth above standard services so that interactive apps run smoothly.

Standard - All services that are not specifically classed will fall under standard class.

Bulk - The bulk class is only allocated remaining bandwidth when the remaining classes are idle. If the line is full of traffic from other classes, Bulk will only be allocated 1% of total set limit. Use this class for P2P and downloading services like FTP.

How to Enable Pinging

Uncheck “Block Anonymous WAN Requests”

How to Enable/Disable SIP ALG


Any other known issues/preferred configurations w/ VoIP service

Needs re-testing, but setting the available download bandwidth to higher than 20mbps in the QoS setup can cause a router crash and boot loop. No known solution has been provided by Buffalo, so this router cannot be recommended for connection speeds higher than 20mbps down.