We realize at times you may need to send calls outside the FluentStream system. We have put together this Comprehensive Guide to Call Forwarding to assist in selecting the best option for your needs. 

1. Direct Extension Forwarding or "Follow Me"

What it does: Call forwards per extension based on conditions selected  in "Call Forwarding" under the "Portal" tab in My.FluentCloud.Com. 

Who can set it: Cloud users can set it only for their own extension. Admin users can set it for any extension.

When to use it: When you would like direct calls to your desk phone or softphone to be forwarded to an outside number. This will work with a direct dial to the extension either internally (phone to phone), through a direct dial (extension has a phone number assigned to it), or through a key press for a direct extension in an Auto Attendant. Please refer to: Call Forwarding in My FluentCloud.

How to use it: Dr. Smith will be out of the office to make a house call, however he would still like to receive calls made directly to his extension. He has set the "Follow Me Settings" for his extension in the portal settings to "Don't ring my phone, just forward" so that the calls are forwarded to his cell phone. Once he returns to the office, he removed the call forwarding so that he will just receive calls on his desk phone.

When it won't work: These settings will not apply when the extension is reached through a call group or queue. 

Pro Tips: Customize your settings in the Call Forwarding/Follow Me page to maximize functionality. 

Notify Caller: Let callers know they are being forwarded - Announces to the caller they are being forwarded.

Caller ID: Use original caller's Caller ID when forwarding - Maintains the caller's caller ID. If left unchecked, it will use the dialed number as the caller ID.

Confirm Call: Ask if you would like to receive a forwarded call - Asks the outside number to confirm the call. This MUST be checked if you'd like the call to hit our Voicemail system if the call is unanswered or rejected.

2. Direct Call Forwarding in a Route

What it does: Call forwards as an application in a Route. 

Who can set it: Admin users 

When to use it: When you would like all calls made to the number attached to the route to be forwarded. Please refer to: How to Set Up Call Forwarding in a Route.

How to use it: Mary is the office manager for A&A Law. Today, they experienced a busted water pipe in the bathroom which put them out of the office temporarily. Mary set the call forwarding application at the top of the Route attached to their main business number so that any clients calling in would be forwarded to her cell phone in the meantime. Once their office was cleared out, she was able to remove this and have calls directed back to the desk phones. 

When it won't work: If the Call Forwarding application is below an "Auto Attendant" or "Queue". 

Pro Tips: There is no call confirm option for this set up, so the call will not hit the FluentStream system if it goes unanswered or rejected. This option is best if the call forwarding number should be the end destination for the call. 

3. Call Forwarding using a Call Group

What it does: Allows outside numbers to receive calls when in the Call Group 

Who can set it: Admin users 

How to use it: When you would like an outside number to be apart of a Call Group. To do this you will go to "Features"-->"Call Groups"-->Select the Call Group-->"Members".  Under "Add phone number". This will include the outside number in the call group, along with any additional numbers or extensions that you add. 

When to use it: John is in sales for an appliance company, however he only works outside of the office. When a call is directed to the call group for "Sales", it rings the two other sales representatives in the office as well as John's cell phone. This allows John to be included in the sales calls for the company without having to be in office.

When it won't work: It should work without issue. Be sure to include a fail over in the call group in the event the devices are unreachable to avoid dropped calls. 

Pro Tips: Customize your settings in the call group to maximize functionality. Under Settings you will see the following options:

"Require call to be confirmed by pressing 1" - Will require all devices (hardphones, softphones, and outside numbers to confirm the call before pick up)

"Require confirmation of external members" - Will only prompt external numbers for call confirmation. This is good for separating personal calls from business calls.

"Pass dialed number instead of Call ID" - Will display caller ID as the number that the caller dialed. For example, If Sue calls 444-555-6666, and that reaches the "Sales" call group mentioned earlier, and John answers the call on his cell phone, the caller ID will display "444-555-6666" instead of Sue's caller ID. This is inform John that this is a work call and not a personal call. 

"Send answered elsewhere message to cancelled calls" - Will notify softphones or click to call application that the call has been answered by someone else in the call group.

4. Call Forwarding using a Queue

What it does: Allows outside numbers to receive calls when in a Queue 

Who can set it: Admin users 

When to use it: When you would like an outside number to be apart of a Queue. To do this you will go to "Features"-->"Queues"-->Select the Queue-->"Static Queue Members". You will be able to add the external number under "Add Phone Number". The phone number will now be included as a Static Queue Agent and you can arrange it in the order you'd like it to ring in the Queue.

How to use it: Robby telecommutes part-time for a call center by using his cell phone. His cell number is the third in line for the queue, so if the first two agents are already on a call, he will receive the call through his cell phone. If Robby, and the first two agents are on the line, then the call will go to the fourth agent. 

When it won't work: It will not work when combined with Dynamic Agents. 

5. Call Forwarding directly from Phone Numbers page

What it does: Forwards calls directly from your Phone Numbers page to a number outside the FluentStream system.

Who can set it: Admin users 

When to use it: When you need calls made to your FluentStream phone number to be forwarded directly to an outside number, such as a cell phone.

How to use it: Due to bad weather, ABC Productions has lost internet connection and needs all their calls forwarded out to an emergency after hours number.

When it won't work: This is a direct forward, however if you need to utilize applications and features, you may want to select an option above.

If you need assistance, please contact FluentStream Support at 303-GO-CLOUD, or 303-462-5683 (opt 2).