Email to Fax is a feature that allows you to send an eFax by sending an email to the recipient's fax number and is a great alternative to sending an eFax in the user Portal. 

Enable your extension for Email to Fax:

You will need Admin Privileges to enable.

1. Go to "Settings"-->"Extensions" 

2. Select the extension you would like to enable for Email to Fax. **Must be an Admin to enable

3. Select the "Fax" tab


Under Email To Fax you will be able to select the fax number you would like to be attached to the extension for email to fax. Select Update Extension to save your information.

Follow the steps below to send your fax

Open up your email service (Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, etc.) and compose a new email.

1. In the "To:" field, enter the number you want to fax to in this format: 


      for example,

You can leave the Subject line and body of the email empty, as that information does not get passed on to the fax.

2. Attach the file you want to fax to this email, just as you would with a standard email attachment. Ensure this file is in .pdf, .doc, or .docx format, and under 15mb in size.

3. Click Send, and your fax will be sent to the recipient. You will receive an email shortly after either confirming a success or failure.

Troubleshooting for Common Email-to-Fax Failures

The most common causes of faxes failing when using the email to fax feature are generally that the email address associated with the extension is either nonexistent or incorrect, or the feature is not yet enabled on your account. 

If you need assistance, please contact FluentStream Support at 303-GO-CLOUD, or 303-462-5683 (opt 2).