The Lifestyle Call Attendant allows users to route incoming calls based on where they are. For example, someone can set the attendant to route calls immediately to voicemail if they’re at dinner, a movie, or during certain times of the day. Multiple routes can be created for different conditions, without users having to manually forward or deny calls.

To access Lifestyle Call Attendant:

1: Go the portal at and log in.

2: Click the Call Management tab at the top, then click to Lifestyle Call Attendant

3: Turn ON Lifestyle Call Attendant

Toggle Integrations

This button allows users to synchronize the Lifestyle Call Attendant with their Foursquare and Swarm accounts.

Toggle Wizard

This button allows users to customize the route to suit their preferences.

Conditions specify what factors will shape the route:

Caller ID conditions screen calls from a particular phone number and sends them down a specified route.

Foursquare conditions add locations to the route, screening calls based on whether you’re checked in at a restaurant, movie, home, or many other locations.

Time conditions screen calls based on a specified time of day.

To remove any of these conditions, simply click the black condition box in the route below; it will automatically delete.

Actions specify the desired result a route is to take:

Play Recording directs the route to end at a recording. The drop-down menu allows users to choose which recordings will be played.

Send to Voicemail directs the route to end at a voicemail. The drop-down menu allows users choose which voicemail box the call will go to.

Note: Different routes can have different recordings and voicemail boxes. For example, calls from friends and family received at dinner can be routed to a personal voicemail, while calls coming from the office can go to general voicemail boxes, all without touching your phone!

When You’re Done:

Once all the conditions and actions have been specified, name the route and press save. The route will appear at the bottom of the page. If you have multiple routes, you can place them in order of importance by dragging and dropping them. Incoming calls will be filtered by the top routes first.

To delete a route, click the X at the top-right of the route box.