Live Conference View is a tool to monitor and manage your conference rooms. It shows you which rooms are currently occupied and which rooms are empty.

To access Live Conference View, be sure you are logged into with admin status, then, under the Features drop down menu, select Live Conference View


The page will display a list of all of your existing conference rooms on the left side of the screen. You can search for a specific room or rooms by using the Filter field at the top of the list. Enabling Active Only will only display rooms that are currently in use. 


Next to each conference room name, you will notice a number inside of a circle. This number shows how many participants are currently in that conference room. 


Managing callers in a conference room can be done from this page, as well. Select the room you'd like to monitor, and you will see a card for each caller in that room.  These cards display the caller ID and number of each caller in the room. It also displays if that caller is calling in from an external phone system or a phone in your FluentStream phone system. As you can see below, one caller has a green bar at the top of their card and the other does not. This green bar displays when that caller is currently speaking. 


Each card also has a Mute and a Kick function. Muting a caller disables them from being heard by other room members, but they are still able to hear the call. Kicking a caller out of the room will force them to leave the room, though they are still able to enter the room again. If you would like to make the conference room exclusive to certain callers, you can Lock the room once the desired parties have entered the call. Once the room is locked, members of the room will be able to exit, but other callers will not be able to enter the conference call until the room is unlocked again.

If you have any questions about Live Conference View or how to use it, give us a call at 303-GO-CLOUD opt 2.