Parking lots are used to place calls on hold and retrieve them again from any phone in the system. Parking lots generally start with 700 and go up as many numbers as there are lots.

Parking and Retrieving Calls

To place a call into a parking lot, you will transfer the call to “700” as if it were its own extension. The call is then parked on the first open lot, starting with 701. The call can then be retrieved from any phone by dialing the number of the lot the call was placed. For example, if you park a call by transferring it to 700, you can pick it up by dialing 701.

Parking Lots with BLF Keys

Parking lots are most commonly utilized with Busy Lamp Fields (BLFs), which are the keys near the screen on most IP desk phones that display the status of the other extensions in your system. If your phone is compatible, you can add BLF keys for parking lots as well. This will allow you to see if someone is currently parked in one of the lots so you know that the caller is still waiting. To park a call using your BLF keys, press the Park key while in a call, and it will place that call on the first available lot, and display a red light on the button, telling you that lot now has a call parked in it. 

If you have any questions using parking lots or BLF keys, please call us at 303-GO-CLOUD opt. 2