Time Machine

Time Machine is a testing feature that allows you to test routes and time conditions more effectively by enabling you to mimic a phone call being placed at a different time and/or date. The Time Machine can be found on the tenant’s Phone Numbers page of my.fluentcloud.com. 

How to Use It:

    • Create a route for the phone number you’d like to test if one has not already been created. If you are unsure how to create a route, please click here

    • Go to Settings → Phone Numbers and find the number you’re testing from the list at the left of your screen.


    • Click Time Machine at the bottom of the page, next to the Save button.                                                                                                                                                                

    • Enter a phone number that the system can call to initiate the test from. This can be any phone number you have access to, except the number you're testing. 

    • Set the time frame you’d like to test. Ensure the time you select falls into the time condition you’re testing. If you are unsure how to create a time condition, click here

    • Select the country and time zone. This is ideal for testing how calls will act to/from Canada as well.                             


    • Click Call, and the system will ring the number you’ve put in place. Once that call has been answered, it will connect to the route it’s associated with, and act as though it is a regular call from an external number.                                                                                                             

Time Machine can be very helpful for testing many different features, including Managed Routes and temporary Time Conditions (holidays). Using Time Machine will allow you to test that the route is set up correctly before the time condition actually occurs, avoiding any last-minute fixes for incorrectly constructed routes. 

If you have any questions or are unsure how to use Time Machine, please call our support team at 303-GO-CLOUD opt 2. (303-462-5683 opt 2)