To utilize the Salesforce integration, you will need to have the ClicktoCall extension downloaded in your Chrome browser. For steps on completing ClicktoCall installation, see here

Once the extension is downloaded properly, you will need to enable some settings for the integration to operate. 

FluentCloud API Key: Your API key can be found in as an administrator, under FluentCloud Account, then Account Settings


If you do not currently use any other integrations, click Generate New Key in the API Keys tab, then Save Changes to save that key to your account. 



Enter that key into the API Key field in the ClickToCall options. If you're currently using other integrations, use the API key that was previously generated. 


Next, scroll down to CRM and Application Integration Settings. Click the box next to Salesforce Integration. 

Integration Notifications (display time) can now be customized so you can control the number of seconds your inbound screen pop will display before disappearing. 

Next, set your basic integration preferences displayed below- 

Next, you may set more granular settings in the Custom Field Settings to establish what options your Salesforce pop ups will provide per call. The "Add" field is searchable and will pull directly from your Salesforce fields. 

Please allow 24 hours for any custom fields added in Salesforce to appear in the search list. 

Once you have identified all the fields that you wish to use for the integration save all settings, and view this guide for hints on how to use the pop up windows.

For any questions whatsoever, please contact the support team at 303-GO-CLOUD, option 2 or email us at