There are two different ways to record a personal voicemail greeting. Greetings can be recorded through the phone, and also through the Portal at 

The easiest way is to record the greeting through the phone itself. To do so, follow these steps: 

1. Pick up the handset, dial *97, enter your password, then dial 0 for Mailbox Options. 

2. Select which voicemail greeting you'd like to record. The available options are Unavailable, Busy, and Name

             - Unavailable is the most common, as this is used any time the call is not answered. 

             - Busy is used when the phone is set to Do Not Disturb or on another call. 

             - Name will insert your recorded name into a generic unavailable message. Name is also used for the dial-by-name directory. It will play this recorded name instead of a generic recording of letters spelling out the name. 

3. When you are finished recording, press the pound key (#) to end the recording. It then gives you the options to press 1 to keep the recording, press 2 to listen to the recording, and press 3 to re-record the message. 

The 2nd way to record voicemail greetings is through the Portal. This will only work if you have a pre-recorded message file on your computer that you can upload to the cloud. To try this, log on to and follow these steps: 

For Cloud users without admin access: 

1. Click the Voicemail drop down menu, and select Greetings.

2. Select which greeting you'd like to upload. See above for descriptions of each greeting type. 

3. Click the corresponding "Create a New _____ Greeting" button. 

4. Click Choose File, and find the recording file on your computer that you'd like to use. 

5. Click Create New and it will upload the recording and automatically enable the message. You can delete the recording by click the red X next to the recording preview. 

For Admin users: 

1. Click Portal

2. Select the extension you'd like to work on from the list of extensions on the right hand side. 

3. Then, follow the cloud user instructions above. 

Please give support a call at 303-GO-CLOUD opt 2 if you have any questions or need assistance setting up a new Voicemail Recording.