The instructions below are intended for users on the FluentSteam phone system, and may not be applicable for devices on other platforms. For more information on using our platform, please visit our website or give us a call at 303-462-5683, opt 1.

A few quick tips for efficient outbound dialing--

1. You do not need to dial "1" for long distance with your FluentStream service. 

2. If you are accustomed to (or are interested in) dialing only seven-digits for local calls, this is a setting that is controlled by your account administrator. You may either contact them or a FluentStream support technician to set this up. 

3. You do not need to pick up your handset prior to dialing your outbound number. It is a handy tool for efficient outbound calling. Picking up the handset will initiate the call to the number you have have already dialed on your screen. You can always pick the handset up prior to dialing, but keep in mind that there is a timeout setting, so the call may initiate before you have completely dialed the number. 

If you have any other questions about making outbound calls on your new phone, please contact support.