If you know your office will be closed for a holiday, you can set up your phones to handle the holiday automatically.

Create a Holiday Time Condition

Creating a holiday Time Condition is the first step.

To create a holiday Time Condition:

1. Click Features, then Time Conditions.

2. Click the Create New button.

3. Name the new Time Condition.

4. Select your Timezone.

5. Set Occurrence to Yearly.

6. Choose All Times for all day or Custom for a time range.

7. Select the month.

8. Select the date.

You can Ctrl+Click to select multiple dates if you need to.

9. Click the Add Time Condition button.

Add the Holiday Time Condition to your Route

The final step is adding the holiday to your route.

To add the holiday Time Condition to your route:

1. Click Settings, then Routes.

2. Select your Route.
3. Click Add Time Condition and select your Holiday Time Condition.
If the Holiday Time Condition is not at the top of the list after you add it, click and drag to the top of the list.
4. Click Add Application and select your desired application.
In this example, we have selected Recording and then selected the Holiday recording. We have also added Voicemail as the final destination
You may want to mirror your normal after hours behavior if you'd like.
5. Click Save changes to save the Route.

Custom Holiday Greeting (optional)

If you are planning on just playing your normal after hours greeting, you don't need to do this of course. It can be useful however to let callers know when you will be back in the office.

To create a new Holiday Greeting:

1. Click Features, then Recordings.

2. Name your Recording.
3. Select the Extension you will be recording on.
4. Click the Call Extension button.
A call will then be placed to the extension selected.
You will be prompted to record your Greeting.
Make sure after you're done recording to Save.

You can also upload a Greeting as well if you already have one recorded.

To upload a Holiday Greeting:

1. Click Features, then Recordings.

2. Select Upload A Recording.
3. Click Choose File and select your recording.
4. Click the Create New button.