To manage your Voicemail settings in My FluentCloud:

Click on the Voicemail tab:


1. Greetings - Manage your Unavailable, Busy, Name, or Temporary Greetings

2. Inbox - Manage Voicemail Box Messages

3. Settings - Manage Pin, Email Notifications, Text Notifications, and Exit to Application

1. Greetings

Here you can create, record, or upload recordings for your greetings.


2. Inbox

Here you can see your inbox, old, deleted, and any categorized voicemails.


3. Settings


1. Pin - The pin for the voicemail box

2. Notify by Email - if you would like email notifications for voicemails

3. Email address - email address associated with your voicemails 

4. Attach Voicemails to Email - if you would like voicemails attached as the mp3 or wav file in the notification

5. Delete Voicemails After Delivery - will delete voicemails from your physical device after it is delivered to your email

6. Notify by Text - will send you a text notification for new emails

7. Location - the location of your voicemail box *this is set when your extension/voicemail box is created

8. Time Zone - time zone of the mailbox

9. Exit To Application - if you would like the caller to be able to exit out of your voicemail and go to another destination. You must state this in the recording. 


Configure the Advanced Mailbox Settings:

  • Say Caller ID -- State the caller ID of the person who left the message.
  • Review -- Allows callers to review their voicemail messages before sending them.
  • Envelope -- Play back the details of the voicemail before playing the message.
  • Say Duration -- State the length of the message.
  • Send Voicemail -- Allows users to compose messages to other users from within their own mailbox.
  • Hide from Directory -- Set to yes to hide the voicemail box from the directory.
  • Temporary Greeting Warning -- Warns the mailbox owner that they have a temporary greeting set.
  • Exit to Application -- Allows caller to press 0 to exit the voicemail box to another application. for instance, you may choose to allow them to exit to an auto attendant or back to the receptionist. just choose the appropriate application from the drop down menu.