Click , or right-click a group and choose Add Contact to Group. The Contact Profile dialog appears.

Sharing Online Status

Online status information is handled by the account specified in the Accounts Settings window. To see which account is currently being used for online status information, choose Softphone > Account Settings.

Contact Flyout

Click a contact to show the Contact flyout. This flyout shows all the contact methods set up for the contact. You can click a contact method to perform its action.

Adding a Contact using an Existing Address

You can add a contact by capturing existing information:

  • If you are on a phone call with a non-contact, click the Add to Contacts button in the call panel.
  • On the History tab, select an entry that is not a contact. Right-click and choose Add as Contact.

The Contact Profile dialog appears. Complete the dialog as desired and press OK.
If the contact method is Softphone or Jabber, an online status request is sent to this person.