For instructions to set up ClickToCall, please visit the following link:

For instructions to enable Zendesk Integration, please visit the following link:

Calls from New Users

When a call is incoming, you will see a notification pop up alerting you of the call.

Once the call has been answered, you can click this notification to add the new user or create a new ticket.

If you choose the Add Ticket option, the box will expand allowing you to create the new ticket for the call.

Calls from Existing Users

If the caller has already been added to your users, you will see this popup:

When the call is answered, you will be taken to the user's most recent ticket. If they do not have a ticket open currently, it will bring you to their user page. From here you can create a new ticket for them if one is needed.

Once the call has ended, you will be given the option to add the call details to an existing ticket or create a new ticket.

If there is no existing ticket, but the caller is already added as a user, you can also attach the call to a blank ticket. This creates a new ticket that you can revisit at a later time.

Adding the call details to a ticket will attach the following information:

  • Call from
  • Call to
  • Time of call
  • Answered by
  • Length of phone call

If call recording is turned on for the queue, you will see the recording added to the ticket as well: