To download the Zendesk application, please log into Zendesk itself with your username and password.

Go to the the marketplace and search for FluentCloud For Zendesk and install.

Once installed, open your new FluentCloud application and fill out all pertinent information:

    1) FluentCloud Username

    2) FluentCloud Password

    3) FluentCloud API Key*

            *Please note to locate your API key with FluentStream, navigate to the portal to your account settings and API Keys. If your username is a cloud level, please reach out to                         your FluentStream Account Admin to ascertain your API Key

    4) Authenicate**

            **If the authentication goes through, you will get a green check on the top right. 

    4) Enable Event Settings as needed by your system set-up

    5) Enable Zendesk Tab Settings as needed

    6) Enable Ticket Log Settings as needed

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to FluentStream Support at 303 - Go Cloud (462-5683) Option 2 or email us at