To use Call Detail Reports:

1. Click Reports in the menu, then click Call Detail Reports.

2. Enter the Start Date and End Date for the report you want to see.

3. Select the Disposition of the calls. Choose from the following in the drop down menu:

  • ALL -- All calls.
  • ANSWERED -- Only calls that were answered.
  • NO ANSWER -- Only calls that were not answered.
  • BUSY -- Only calls that were received when busy.

4. (optional) Select either Minimum or Maximum from the drop down menu and specify a time in minutes.

5. Click the Filter button.

6. You can export the report in as a CSV, PDF, or Excel file as well.

Once the report is generated, you can filter the calls even more. Select from the tabs as shown below.

You can also listen to any recordings from this page. Click the Play button to listen in the Portal, or you can click the Cloud Download button to download the message.