Call Flows are an advanced Call Routing option that allows you to use a combination of features in ways that you cannot in other applications. It is very similar to how you use Routes however, you will still need to use the Call Flow application in a Route or Auto Attendant for it to function correctly. You may want to use a Call Flow instead of a Route or Call Group because of the functionality or combination of applications you need.

If you are unsure if a Call Flow meets your needs, please contact us at 303-462-5683, opt 2 or email

To create a new Call Flow:

Click Features in the drop-down menu, then click Call Flows.

Click the + Create New button on the bottom left.

1.Enter a name and description for your new Call Flow.

2.Click the Add Application drop-down menu and select the desired application.

Once you have added the application, you can click the application to refine it.

For example, you can select the Extension or Call Group of your choice and determine how it will ring before being routed to the next option in the Call Flow (a single ring last for about three seconds).

Note: You can drag and drop the applications to reorder them.

3. Click the Save Changes button.

To use your Call Flow:

Once you have created your Call Flow, you will want to put the application in either a Route or Auto Attendant, depending on what you need. It can also be a failover application, wich most commonly found for Queues or Call Groups. 

If you need assistance, please contact FluentStream Support at 303-GO-CLOUD, or 303-462-5683.