Installing ZOIPER 

To install ZOIPER, follow the instructions below: 

1. Go to Zoiper3 Download page, and download. Be sure to select the free version to avoid charges.

2. The InstallShield Wizard now opens. Click Next, read the EULA and if you agree with the terms and conditions, click I agree

3. Choose the destination folder in which to install Zoiper (default is C:\Program Files\Attractel\Zoiper) by clicking on the Next button. 

4. Choose the Start Menu folder for the Zoiper shortcuts. 

5. Choose the Zoiper components you might want to have installed: 

  • Zoiper itself (the main files)
  • Zoiper Desktop Shortcut
  • Quick Launch Shortcut

6. Click Install. After a successful installation you may start Zoiper.  

Uninstalling ZOIPER 

To remove ZOIPER from your computer, choose one of the following: 

  • From the Windows Start Menu>Programs>Attractel>Zoiper>Uninstall Zoiper
  • Via the Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Find Zoiper from the list of applications, click on the Remove button.