In general, your router will be compatible with FluentCloud if the device allows you to disable SPI Firewall and disable SIP ALG

Recommended routers will also handle Quality of Service (QoS) and allow for IMCP ping traffic. 

For Small to Medium-sized businesses we recommend the Peplink Balance Series.  These routers enable the use of QoS to prioritize phone traffic, as well as have an easy-to-use, efficient management interface. 

In addition to the dedicated WAN ports, each of the recommended Peplink routers also support the option to plug in a USB 4g/LTE modem which can be used for backup internet purposes. (Supported Modems)

Depending on the size of your business we have several recommendations.

For 10-50 phones: Peplink Balance Series (20/30)

  • Dual or triple internet connections for redundancy
    • Balance Series 20: 2 WAN Connections
    • Balance Series 30: 3 WAN Connections
  • No built-in WiFi (must supply your own WiFi router in conjunction)


For 50+ phones: Peplink Balance One

  • Dual internet connections supported
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Built-in WiFi


Outside of Peplnk's router series, the following routers have also worked very well with FluentCloud:

We do not recommend the following, as multiple customers have experienced issues attempting to use this equipment.

  • Apple Routers
    • Lack of QoS and advanced settings
  • Stock Modem/Router from ISP (Internet Service Provider)
    • Generally have a very limited set of options
  • AT&T Uverse Modem
    • DNS issues