The addition of BLF watch Keys\ Speed dial keys and other various features can be managed 2 ways on Yealink phones with available Line\DSS keys.  If you wish to utilize the BLF\Presence feature, make sure the setup process for the tenant has been followed first.

Models that currently support this feature are:

  • T-48G
  • T-46G
  • T-42G
  • T-41P
  • T-38G
  • T-28P
  • T-26P

Web Interface Method

Configuring via the web interface is best when you need to configure many keys all at once.

  1. Obtain the Phone's ip address by pressing the "OK" button when at the phone's idle screen.(If missed call or voicemail notification is present, clear them first to return to the idle screen)
  2. Login to the web interface by navigating to the ip address in a new browser tab.  Username: admin Password:456
  3. Click on the "DSS Key" tab.
  4. On newer models(T-4xx), all configurable keys will be under the "Line Keys" section, on older models(T-2xx and T-3xx), Configurable keys will be under the "Memory Keys" Section
  5. You will be presented with a list of the available keys to configure.  The most commonly used keys are:
  • BLF | Value = Extension to monitor | Line = 1 | Extension = [blank] |   (BLF Keys also act as speed dial and quick transfer keys)
  • Speed Dial | Value = Number to dial | Line = Auto | Extension = N\A | (Useful for feature codes)
  • Transfer | Value = Number to transfer to | Line = Auto | Extension = N\A | (Most commonly used to transfer to 700 as a "quick park" key)
  • Line | Value = N\A | Line = Sip account you wish to add a line key for | Extension = N\A | (You can add additional line keys, or line keys for a manually configured second sip account)
  • Call Park | Value = Parking Lot Number| Line = Auto | Extension = N\A | Similar to BLF, but is more efficient for parking lots.  Example below should use Call Park for all 70x keys monitoring parking lots.
  • Example Configuration on a T-38:

  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Direct Phone Menu setup

    You can also quickly add or change a DSS\Line key via direct interaction with the phones (excluding the T-3xx series, pending firmware release from Yealink).

    1. Long press the key you wish to modify on the phone (hold down the button for 3 seconds).
    2. A menu will appear on the phone display allowing you to select from a limited set of key options:
    • Speed Dial
    • BLF
    • Line
    • Several additional unused functions
  • Use the phones interface to configure values the same as you would in the web interface.
  • Hit save and see your changes instantly!