Dowload Zoiper from Google Play or the App Store.


Zoiper Installation

1. Once Zoiper is installed, open the app and select the Config button in the bottom right

2. From the Settings screen, select Accounts

3. Select the ‘+’ symbol in the top right to add your new account 

4. When prompted "Do you already have an account?", confirm Yes.

5.When prompted "Account Setup", select Manual Configuration

6. Choose SIP Account form the account types

7. Contact your FluentStream rep for configuration settings               

8. Hit Register

9. Make a test call

Zoiper Installation through QR Code 

1. In the Admin portal, set the extension's "User Device" as follows 

Manufacturer: Zoiper

Model: Cell phone's operating system.

2. A QR code will be populated upon selection. 

3. Update Extension at the bottom of the screen and Reload Configuration at the top. 

4. Complete the Zoiper download. 

5. Once the application is downloaded/open, you should see a QR code symbol in the bottom left corner. 

6. Select the QR code icon and your phone's camera will be ready to scan the code populated by the portal. 

7. Allow the provisioning to complete 

8. Make a test call

Extra Tips

You can test a trial version of Zoiper Gold by typing in a special code.  Contact FluentStream support for more info.  

Debug mode can be enabled for troubleshooting by typing 7827833284 into the dial pad and hitting send call.  A new Diagnostics menu will appear in the setting menu.