You can use the handset to create a local conference with other parties. The handset supports up to 3 parties (including yourself) in a conference call. You can create a conference between an active call and a held call on the handset (on the same line or different lines).  

To set up a local conference call:  

1. Place a call to the first party.  

2. Press the Options soft key, and select Conference.  

3. Do one of the following:  

  • Enter the number of the second party or select the handset you want to add to the conference. 
    Press or the Conf. soft key to dial out.
  • Press the Directory soft key, and select the desired contact. 
    Press the Call soft key.
    If both the office number and the mobile number of the contact are stored, select the desired number and press or the OK soft key to dial out.

4. When the second party answers the call, you can consult with him or her before adding to the conference. 

5. Press the Conf. soft key again to join all parties in the conference. 

To join two calls in a conference: 

1. Place two calls on the handset. 

2. Select the desired call and make sure the call is active. 

3. Press the Options soft key, and select Conference

Two calls are joined in the conference. 

To drop the conference call:

1. Press or the End soft key.