---Parts of this document may become obsolete as updates to MFC automate these steps---

Fax numbers that are setup for OBiHai ATA's to answer must be directed at the dfw-ata-1.fluentcloud.com server, rather than the media server the tenant is assigned to.

  • Phone Numbers page:
    • Assign number to User (extension for ObiHai)
    • Fax Enabled: YES
    • Fax Private: NO (doesn't matter?)
    • Advanced Settings
      • Dispatch Group: 3008

ObiHai Fax adapters also need a few unique settings set on the peer as well.  This is all set in the database(preferably before the device is brought online, but after extension is created)

* THIS IS NOW AUTOMATED, but manual settings are kept here for reference only *

  • https://api.fluentstream.com/phpmyadmin3
  • login to dfw-db-1
  • fc_config\tables\sippeers
  • Hit "Inline" to run the following query to find the peer: SELECT * FROM `sippeers` where name = '<ext>-<tenant>'
  • Change the following fields:
    • t38pt_udptl: yes
    • rtpkeepalive: 15