Full Admin Guide can be found here for reference.  Note that these settings will work in a majority of network configurations, but some modifications may be required. To complete this setup you will need the following information for the extension you would like to configure:

Server address -- Provided by FluentStream (ex: dfw-phone-1.fluentcloud.com)

Username -- "Extension-BusinessName" (ex: 100-SampleBusiness)

Password -- Can be found in my.fluentcloud.com on the User Settings tab for the extension you would like to configure as "Phone Password"

For assistance call 303-GoCloud (option 2), or email support@fluentstream.com

To access the web interface of the phone for manual setup:

  • Press the MENU button, then #,5,3,4 to access the "embedded web" menu.  Select "On" and save
  • Press the MENU button, then #,5,0,1 to retrieve the phone's IP address (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)
  • Open a new tab in a web browser, and enter the IP address you retrieved
  • Login with the admin credentials -- Username: admin Password: adminpass 

To configure the network discovery mode for proper operation:

  • Select the Network tab, then the Global Address Detection menu on the left of the page
  • Select SIP as the detection method
  • Set detection interval to 0

To configure the SIP account for registration to our server:
  • Select the VoIP tab, then select the SIP Settings menu from the left of the page
  • Set the Transport Protocol to UDP
  • Select the Line 1 menu under SIP Settings
    • Phone Number -- Optional line identification (recommended to use registration username, ex: 100)
    • Line ID -- Username (ex: 100-SampleBusiness)
    • Registrar Server Address -- Server address provided (ex: dfw-phone-1.fluentcloud.com)
    • Registrar Server Port -- 5060
    • Proxy Server Address -- Server address provided (ex: dfw-phone-1.fluentcloud.com)
    • Proxy Server Port -- 5060
    • Authentication ID -- Username (ex: 100-SampleBusiness)
    • Authentication Password -- Password (phone password found on extension page in my.fluentcloud.com)
    • Enable DNS SRV Lookup -- YES
    • SIP Packet QOS -- AF42
    • Keep Alive Interval -- 30
    • Enable SAAF -- Default is NO, but can be enabled if the local firewall is not blocking inbound calls from rouge SIP servers
  • Select Line 1 under the VoIP Settings menu on the left of the screen
    • RTP Packet QOS -- AF43

And that's it! All other settings can be left at default. If you are having trouble getting it to register, a factory reset will help in restoring any other settings that are not currently at default. This option can be found under the Maintenance tab. 

Additionally, you can download the latest firmware to apply the latest fixes for system bugs, and load that through the Local Firmware Update option in the Maintenance tab. The latest firmware is attached to this article.