Configuring Speeddials:

Step 1 Press the settings button.

Step 2 Press the Scroll key to highlight Call Preferences.

Step 3 Press the Select softkey.

Step 4 Press the Scroll key to highlight Speed Dial Lines from the Call Preferences menu.

Step 5 Press the Select softkey.

Step 6 Press the Scroll key to highlight Line 3, Line 4, Line 5, or Line 6.

Step 7 Press the Edit softkey.

Step 8 Enter a brief description for the selected speed dial line for New Label. 

Depending on the letter, you might need to press the number button on the dialing pad one or more times to scroll through the list of displayed characters until you highlight the correct character. You can press the <-- softkey to move the cursor one character to the left deleting the last character each time the softkey is pressed. Pressing the 1, *, or 0 keypad keys allows you to enter some special characters.

Step 9 Press the Scroll key down arrow to select the New Number line.

Step 10 Press the Number softkey and enter a number for the selected speed dial line.

Step 11 When the New Label and New Number are correct, press the Accept softkey.

Step 12 Repeat Step 6 through Step 11 if you want to set speed dial for another line.

Step 13 Press the Back softkey to display the Call Preferences menu.

Step 14 Press the Back softkey repeatedly to display another menu or until the main LCD screen is displayed.