Turn a call into a conference call by performing the following steps.

Step 1   During a call, press the Confrn softkey. This selects a new line and places the other party to whom you were speaking on hold.

Step 2   Place a call to another number by using the dial pad to enter the digits of the other party to include on the conference call.

Step 3   When the call connects, press Join to add the other party to the conference call.

Conference Call Tips

•When the conference call initiator disconnects, the conference call is terminated (if the cdnf_join_enable parameter is set to disabled).

•To place a conference call on hold, press the Hold softkey. The other parties can not talk among themselves. To avoid disrupting the other callers, consider muting the call instead. To mute the call, press the MUTE button.

•To place a conference call on speakerphone, press the SPEAKER button. Press the MUTE button to mute the speakerphone. The conference parties cannot hear you but you can hear them.

•The Cisco IP Phone 7940/7960 only allows three parties in a conference call.

•Call waiting calls cannot be conferenced in, the conferencing node must establish both legs of the 3-Way conference.