The 57i accepts headsets through the modular RJ22 jack on the back of the phone. Contact your telephone equipment retailer or distributor to
purchase a compatible headset.
Note: Customers should read and observe all safety recommendations contained in headset operating guides when using any headset.

Advanced Volume Controls for the Headset Mic

On the 57i, there are 3 options for the headset microphone volume.
1. Press  to enter the Options list.
2. Use  to scroll down the list of options to Headset Settings and press Show.
3. Press the list number to jump directly to this option, and press Show.
4. Press  to scroll down to headset/mic volume and press Show.
5. Use  to scroll down the list and press Show to select your desired volume.
6. Press Done to save changes and exit.
7. If you do not wish to save changes, press Cancel to return to the previous screen.
NOTE: By default, the volume for the headset microphone is set to medium.

To Make and Receive Calls Using a Headset

1. Ensure that you have selected a headset audio mode by accessing the Options list (under option Headset Settings).
2. Plug the headset into the jack.
3. Press the  key to obtain a dial tone or to answer an incoming call.
Depending on the audio mode selected from the Options menu, a dial tone or an incoming call will be received on either the headset or the handsfree speakerphone.
4. Press the  to end the call.