This feature is especially useful for frequent or full-time headset users. You can set up your phone so that all incoming and outgoing calls use your headset. At any time, you can switch to handset or speakerphone mode.

To use Headset Memory Mode, you must enable, and then activate, Headset Memory Mode. When Headset Memory Mode is activated, the Headset key flashes. 

To enable Headset Memory Mode:

1. Press .
2. Select Settings > Basic > Preferences > Headset > Headset Memory
3. Scroll to select Enabled, and then press the Select soft key.

4. Press  to return to the idle screen.
Repeat steps 1 to 4 and select Disabled to turn Headset Memory Mode off.

To activate Headset Memory Mode:

Press  twice. 

The flashing headset icon on the graphic display or a flashing headset key indicates that the headset mode is activated. Pressing  or the Answer soft key to receive a call will now connect to your headset automatically.