You can associate contacts with Line Keys for single touch dialing of frequently used numbers. Speed Dial entries are consecutively placed next to assigned Line Keys on the phone. When a new entry is added to the Contact Directory, it is automatically assigned the next available speed dial index and the next available line key.

In the figure below, the phone has one line key, and two available speed dial keys (assigned to Adam and Tom). To dial Adam or Tom, press the associated line key.

Note: To quickly access a list of speed dial index numbers, press the Up Arrow key from the idle screen. To speed dial a contact, press the Up Arrow key followed by the contact’s speed dial index. For example, if Joan’s speed dial index is 55, pressing the Up Arrow key followed by 55 will place a call to Joan.

To add or edit a speed dial index for an existing contact:

1. Press 
2. Select Features > Contact Directory.
3. Scroll to highlight the contact.
You can also use the * key to page up and the # key to page down.
4. Press the Edit soft key.

5. Do one of the following:
  • Enter the next available speed dial index.
  • Delete the existing speed dial index by using the << soft key, and then enter a new speed dial index.
Valid speed dial index values are from 1 to 9999. If you enter an index that is invalid or already inuse, you will recieve an error message.
6. Press the Save soft key to save changes.

To assign a new speed dial key:

1. Press and hold an unassigned .
A new empty entry in the contact directory is automatically opened allowing contact information to be added.
2. (Optional.) Enter contact information. 
Use the 1/A/a soft key to select between numeric and upper/lower case alphanumeric modes. 
Use the Encoding soft key to access special characters in other languages.
3. Enter a contact number. 
The number must be unique (not already in the directory).
4. Change the Speed Dial Index field.
The index can be any value between the next available index value and the maximum (value of 9999).
5. Press the Save soft key.