FluentStream allows you to upload your own custom music and audio files to create a music on hold playlist. See below for the steps to create your playlist. 

To create a new Music On Hold playlist:

Click Features from the menu, and select Hold Music.


Click Create New. FluentStream will provide a selection of music pre-loaded to your account.


First, create the Playlist:


1. Playlist Name - The name for the playlist. Should be entered as "SpookyMusic" not "Spooky Music". Spaces will not allow the playlist to be saved.
2. Description - You can enter a description if you'd like, this is optional.
3. Play Mode - You may select "Random" or "Alphabetical". You can always change this later.
4. Select Create to move to the next step!


5. Click the Green Add Audio Files button. This will open a pop-up window. Select the file you wish to upload. 



Click the Start button to the right of the newly added file or click the Start Upload button for multiple files. Once the upload is complete, the new song(s) are added.

Please note the audio file name can't include spaces or special characters and must be a .wav, mp3, .ogg, or .m4a file.  The max file size is 15 MB. If you have multiple audio files you can set the playback method to random or alphabetical.

Below is an example of what a playlist looks like with an uploaded audio file:


If you need assistance, please contact FluentStream Support at 303-GO-CLOUD, or 303-462-5683 (opt 2).