To access the phone's configuration menu:

1. Press the OK button on the phone -- This will provide a status screen
2. Take note of the "IP" field on the status screen(Item 1. on status screen)
3. Open a web browser on a computer in the same network as the phone.
4. Enter the "IP" from the phone into the address bar of the browser and hit enter.
5. When prompted for a username and password, use "admin" as the username, and "456" as the password.  If you are not asked for a login, and\or the page fails to load, please check the IP from step 2.)
6. You should now see a summary screen for your phone! 

Setting up your BLF Key:

1. Navigate to the Phone tab
2. Click on the DSS Keys link

Note: For the T-22, it is recommended to only use "Line Key 3" button for BLF keys to allow for normal operation of your personal extension, but you can configure all 3.

3. Select BLF from the dropdown box for Line Key 3
4. For Value enter the extension you wish to monitor.
5. For Extension enter *8 to enable call pickup functionality.
6. Make sure the Line dropdown box is set to Line 1
7. Confirm your changes, you're all done!

Note: It does seem strange to not enter the extension in the "extension" field, but this is correct!

You new monitoring key will behave as follows:

  • Solid Light -- Monitored phone is online and idle, press the monitor button to call the ext.
  • Fast Flashing Light -- Monitored phone is ringing, press the monitor button to pickup the call
  • Slow Flashing Light -- Monitored phone is on a call, press the monitor button to call the ext.
  • No Light -- Monitored phone status is unavailable, phone is likely offline.