To set up the Cisco SPA525G and Cisco SPA525G2 wireless connection:

STEP 1 If you have plugged in an Ethernet cable to connect the phone to the wired network, remove it and reboot the phone. When the phone is
              connected by using wired Ethernet, the phone Wi-Fi connection is disabled.
STEP 2 Press Setup.
STEP 3 Scroll to Network Configuration and press Select.
STEP 4 Highlight Wi-Fi, press the Left or Right Arrow key to toggle Wi-Fi on or off.
STEP 5 Press Set.
STEP 6 Scroll to Wi-Fi Configuration and press the Right Arrow key. Installing Your Phone Connecting Your Phone to the Network
STEP 7 Choose one of the following options:
              • Wireless Profile—Use this option to add a new wireless profile (either manually or by scanning for available networks), editing an existing
                wireless profile, or connecting to a previously configure network.
              • Wi-Fi Protected Setup—If your wireless router supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup, use this method to set up your wireless connection.

Scanning for Available Networks

If your router has SSID (router name) broadcast disabled, it might not appear in the list of networks. In that case, you must manually add the SSID.
STEP 1 In the Wireless Profile window, press Scan.
STEP 2 In the list of available networks, scroll to the desired network and click Add to select the highlighted network. 
STEP 3 Press Set.

Manually Adding a Network

STEP 1 From the Wireless Profile screen, press Option and select Add New to manually add the network.
STEP 2 Press Set.

Using Wi-Fi Protected Setup

STEP 1 Select Wireless Configuration and select Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
STEP 2 Choose one of the following options:

           Push Button Configuration: 

              a. Press the WPS button on your router. 
              b. On your phone, highlight Push Button Configuration and press Select. Your phone might reboot before the Wi-Fi connection is

           PIN Configuration:

              a. After selecting PIN Configuration on your phone, note the PIN displayed.
              b. Connect to your router interface by using a PC by following the instructions provided with your router.
              c. If required, enter the user name and password. (By default, Linksys routers typically use admin for the user name and admin for the
                  password. Cisco routers typically use cisco for the username and cisco for the password.)
              d. Locate the Wireless Protected Setup configuration menu.
              e. Enter the PIN into the field that allows you to setup wireless devices by using a PIN. 

              Note: If your router has a WPS button, you can use Wi-Fi Protected Setup to add a new wireless network profile.Installing Your Phone

              f.  Save your changes.
             g.  On the Cisco SPA525G and Cisco SPA525G2, with PIN Configuration highlighted, press Select. To add the connection as a profile, press
                  OK. Your phone might reboot before the Wi-Fi connection is established.

Manually Adding a Wireless Profile

To add a new wireless network profile:

STEP 1 In the Network Configuration window, verify that Wi-Fi is enabled (checked).
STEP 2 Scroll to Wi-Fi Configuration and press the Right Arrow key to enter the Wi-Fi Configuration screen. 
STEP 3 Select Wireless Profile. The current wireless profiles are displayed.
STEP 4 Do one of the following:
              • Scan for available networks.
              • Manually add the network.