To adjust the Ring Tone Type via Phone interface: 

1. Press Menu->Settings->Basic Setting
2. Scroll to Ring Tone, and press Enter softkey. 
3. Use the navigation keys to highlight the specific one. 
4. Press OK softkey to save the change or Back softkey to cancel. 

To change the Ring Tone Type via Web interface: 

Choose Phone->Preference->Ring Tone, highlight the specific one in the scroll-down menu, click confirm button to update the change. You can also delete the specific one by clicking the Delete button. 

To update the new Ring Tone via Web interface: 

1. Click Browse button to choose the specific ring tone file. 
2. Click Upload button to upload the file, and then Confirm to save the change. 

Note: The ring tone file format must be in 16bits WAV format (via Ulaw Compression), 8K sample rate (monophony). Blank or other special characters can not be included in the file name.

For instructions on getting to your phone's Web Interface, visit the following link: