You have the option to view all Call History, including inbound, outbound, internal, international, etc.

To access this information, you must first log in at my.fluentcloud.comPlease note, only administrators will have access to the Call Detail Records.

To view call history, select Reports from the menu at the top. Then select Call Detail Reports, then Call Detail Records

You can filter by the start and end dates you would like to view, as well as the disposition of the call (answered, no answer, busy) by using the option at the top of the screen. You can also filter by the length of the call using the Call Time settings.

Once you have the filter set, you can sort by the type of call (all, internal, inbound, international, outbound, fax, conference). See the following page for more details. You can also search for specific calls using the Search function.

If you would like to export the data, click the blue ‘Excel’ button in the bottom right corner to export to an Excel document.

View Options:

All: View history for all calls made and accepted
Internal: View history for internal, extension to extension calls only
Inbound: View history for inbound calls only
International: View history for international calls only
Outbound: View history for outbound calls only
Fax: View all fax history
Conference: View history for conference calls only

See example:

If you use Call Queues, you can view all queue details using the Build Queue Reports feature. 
To build Queue Reports, select Reports from the menu at the top. Then select Report Builder.

You can customize your report by:
  • The type of call
  • The type of report
  • Start/End Date