Call Management settings are found on, under the User Portal. 

If you are an administrator on the account, please be sure to click "Portal" on the top navigation bar.

To enable Call Blocking:

Click Call Management, then Blocking


Click the Turn on Call Blocking button.


1. Enter a Phone Number you wish to block in the Block Callers field and press the + button.
Added number will appear in the list below.
To remove a phone number from the list, click the X button.
2. Select whether to Block or Allow caller without Caller ID.
3. Choose how to handle blocked calls.
Send to Voicemail - sends callers to that extensions voicemail box
Play "busy" to caller - plays a fast/busy signal to caller
Play "torture" to caller - plays continues ringing 

Click the Save changes button and you are all set!


To disable Call Blocking:

1. Click Call Management, then Blocking.
Click the Turn off call blocking button.