You can add contacts to your local Contact Directory in the following ways:

  • Manually (if you have permission to update your local Contact Directory).
  • From a call list.

Adding Contacts Manually

You can add new entries to your contact directory manually.

To add a contact manually:

1. Press the Dir soft key.

2. Select your contact directory if it does not appear automatically by pressing the Select key.
3. Press the Up arrow key.
The Directory screen displays <New Entry> at the top of the list. 

User Tip: Adding the First Contact
When adding the first contact, you do not need to press the Up arrow key.

4. Press the Select key to add a new entry.

5. Press the Select key again to enter a first name.

Entry to this field is alphabetic as denoted by Abc.

6.   Enter the first name of the contact from the dial pad.

7. Press the Ok soft key to accept.
8. Press the Down arrow key to display the next field in the contact’s entry.
9. Repeat steps 4 to 8 to enter the last name of the contact.
10. Repeat steps 4 to 8 to enter a contact number.
This is a required field and it must be unique (not already in the directory).
Entry to this field is number as denoted by 123.

11. Repeat steps 4 to 8 to change the Speed Dial Index if desired.
It is automatically assigned to the next available index value.
12. Repeat steps 4 to 8 to change any other fields if desired.
13. Press the Left arrow key to end the contact’s data entry.

14. Press the Yes soft key to accept changes.

Adding Contacts from Call Lists 

You can save call information from a call list to your contact directory. The contact’s first and last names (if available) and contact number are saved.

To add a contact from a call list:

1. Do one of the following steps:

  • Press the Callers soft key to view the Received Calls list.
  • Press the Dial key to view the Placed Calls list.

2. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to scroll through the list to find the contact.
3. Press the Select key to select the entry.

4. (Optional) Press the Info soft key.
The name is displayed. The number, time and date when the call started, and call duration are accessible using the Down arrow key.

5. (Optional) Press the Down arrow key repeatedly to select the phone number.
6. Press the Save soft key to save the contact in the local contact directory.

User Tip: Verifying Contacts or Adding More Information
At this point, you may wantto go to the contact directory and add missing fields.