Note: Before you create an Auto-Attendant, you have to create all of the pieces that attach to it. These pieces include Call GroupsQueues, and Recordings

To create a new Auto-Attendant:

Click Features in the menu, then click Auto-Attendant.


Click the + Create New button.


Start with the Settings tab.


1. Name your new Auto-Attendant.

2. Enter a Description for the new Auto-Attendant.

3. Select the Announcement to be played to callers from the drop down menu. This will automatically pull recordings from the "Features"-->"Recordings" page. You can refer to How to Create or Upload Recordings to the Portal.

4. Delay Before Playing is the amount of silence before your Announcement begins to play.

5. You can either enable or disable Ring While Waiting, which plays ringing to the caller before it hits the Announcement.


6. Enter a Response Wait Time in seconds.

This is how many seconds the Auto-Attendant will wait for your response before timing out to the no input response.

7. Enter a Keypress Wait Time.

How many seconds the Auto-Attendant will wait for you to dial an extension, or any other option, before it times out. This differs from Response Wait Time in that it is waiting for multiple key presses.

8. Select yes or no for Allow Extension Dial.

Setting to yes allows a caller to dial an Extension directly from the Auto-Attendant rather than going through the entire list of options.

9. Select yes or no for Allow Feature Dial.

This allows you to dial a specific feature from the Auto-Attendant. For example, you can dial *98 to access a general Voicemail Box.

Now that your settings are complete, go to the Key Codes tab.


1. Dial Value - The number the caller presses to get to the "Action" or destination point. Also referred to as the Key Press.

2. Prepend Caller ID - Optional caller id that will display internally. Limited to 5 characters.

3. Action - The action that the dial value will result in. Depending on the application you select, the selection or argument fields will not apply. For further details on Actions, click here.

4. Selection - The corresponding selection for the action, if applicable. For example, if you select "Extension" for the action, a list of your extensions will appear here.

5. Arguments - The corresponding argument for the action/selection. For example, if you select "Call Forwarding" for the action, you may put the phone number in the arguments field.

Once you have made all your selections, select "Add Auto Attendant".