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In the Works March 2016

Hello Fluent Friends, 

The Live Manager is one of our favorite new features over here at FluentStream. 

At this time, we are looking to add some cool new functionality including, but not limited to - 

  1. New and improved grid view 
  2. Conference calling integrations 
  3. Basic call management settings availability 
  4. Voicemail access 

If you have any great ideas feel free to share them here! We'd love to see what would make the Live Manager an even more valuable tool for you! 

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The ability to right click on user's extension and be able to dial their extension and or Mobile Number

Include our virtual users in the extension list.

The ability to allow certain extensions, ones you never use, to not show on the extension list.

Integration with Outlook, Google, IE, Firefox, etc for quick click to call ability.

Integrated contact list from your Outlook that you could search for a name via the extension list and be able to click on the option you wish to call.

Ability to IM within Live Manager

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